How Wisconsin Dells High School Uses Their Rimol Greenhouse for Hands-On Learning

How Wisconsin Dells High School Uses Their Rimol Greenhouse for Hands-On Learning

1st Jan 2024

When Nathaniel Nolden, the Agricultural Science teacher at Wisconsin Dells High School, noticed room for improving his students’ understanding of plants and agriculture, he got together with district administrator Terry Slack to come up with a plan. They decided using a more hands-on method would be beneficial, so they purchased and constructed a Rimol Matterhorn greenhouse on their school campus. 

Located in Wisconsin Dells, WI, the project began around in 2020. As Nathaniel put it, “Our students just had a general ‘plant blindness.’ These aren’t issues centralized in Wisconsin Dells, but our facilities are helping our students learn more about the importance of plants.” The Wisconsin Dells team worked with regional sales representative Keaton Collier to design a 24’ x 60’ Matterhorn. The Matterhorn is a popular choice for schools and educational institutions due to its durability and versatility, enabling schools to make a one-time investment that pays dividends for learning and development for many years.

The greenhouse structure includes ridge and side ventilation systems and heat, and Rimol provided all of the engineered drawings necessary to create a structure that met all safety requirements for the school district. Wisconsin Dells has been growing plants in the greenhouse since the beginning of 2021, and the school is using the greenhouse to help students identify different plant species and types. Students are also running plant propagation labs, conducting research projects, and getting hands-on training in the greenhouse. The structure contributes economic value by allowing the greenhouse to sell and donate excess food as well as mature bedding plants to the public.

When asked how his experience was working with Rimol, Nathanial responded, “It’s been great. Any time someone from the district has reached out, whether me as the teacher, or a maintenance person, or someone from the central office, we have received service that is beyond our basic needs. All our questions were answered thoroughly, and Keaton himself even came out to talk through things with us when we had concerns and questions.” When asked if he would recommend Rimol to other schools, Nathaniel responded, “I already have.”