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Whether you operate a retail greenhouse or a research greenhouse, maintaining proper heating and cooling levels is critical for the health of your plants. A greenhouse temperature control system provides reliable heating and cooling options to ensure your greenhouse consistently operates at an optimum level. Outdoor seasons change - especially if you’re a four-season grower - but dictating the temperature inside your greenhouse is something anyone can control.

Rimol Greenhouse Systems offers intake shutters from industry leaders found here.  If you have questions regarding sizing, selection, or anything else, please contact a Rimol Sales Associate.

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  • Aluminum wall shutters for greenhouse ventilation

    Rimol Greenhouses

    Aluminum Wall Shutters


    These heavy-duty aluminum wall shutters are designed to open and close according to air flow with minimum friction. Rain and foreign objects are prevented from entering when the shutters are open or closed. Aluminum pivot rods and nylon bearings resist...

  • Corded Shutter for greenhouse ventilation on small tunnels

    24" Corded Motorized Shutter


    A plug-and-play option for small high tunnels and greenhouses, this shutter plugs right into our corded thermostats, and can work in tandem with corded fans.  Best for small tunnels like the Bobcat. For other sized shutters, see our Motorized...

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  • Shutter Motor for automated ventilation on gable peak shutters or end wall louvers

    Shutter Hardware

    $48.00 - $137.00

    Operator for opening your shutters.  Comes standard in three options: Manual Spring Kit Shutter Motor Only Shutter Motor Kit  Please note that the Shutter Motor Only will not work without the shutter motor kit.  This option is only for...