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Rimol Greenhouses has experienced sales professionals that will work with you on your next greenhouse project for your garden center, nursery or growing operation. We will make a site visit and help design a stand-alone greenhouse, a multi-bay gutter-connected structure or a greenhouse that is connected an existing building. Our Matterhorn greenhouse looks beautiful in a garden center setting, and we have many options for customization. We can provide you with a conceptual drawing and stamped engineering plans for your building permit and can work with architects on the design and construction.

If your requirements are simpler, we have free-standing greenhouses in widths of 18 to 34 feet. And if you just need some shade for certain plants, our shade structures are an economical solution, and installation is quick and easy.

Glass greenhouses showing beautiful flowers at a garden center nursery

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Rimol makes it surprisingly easy to assemble everything quickly. They send everything as easy frames, nuts, and bolts, along with a big book of really specific directions. Together, my team alone got everything up and built in just days.” – Frank Vastano, Metropolitan Plant and Flower Exchange

Rimol Garden Center Growers

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Every employee of Rimol Greenhouses is dedicated to ensuring that you purchase exactly what you need for your greenhouse project and will not rest until you are satisfied. Learn more about our team of experts and get started today!