Sliding doors

Greenhouse sliding door options by Rimol Greenhouse Systems are sure to give your greenhouse structure just what it needs for comfortable and effective ease of access. Our greenhouse sliding door hardware includes a number of applications to choose from, including double sliding doors and single sliding doors with either glass panels or polycarbonate panels. For over 20 years, we’ve prided ourselves in providing greenhouse growers across North America with greenhouse sliding door options that are functional, lasting and aesthetically-pleasing.

Each of our greenhouse sliding door kits are energy-efficient, since they effectively eliminate door drafts. Four-season growers are more likely to achieve a successful harvest if their respective greenhouse is well-insulated. With well-controlled indoor temperatures, it simply will not matter what the outdoor climate is. Furthermore, greenhouse sliding doors save space when compared to hinged doors because they do not impede walking paths or crop beds.

Look through the greenhouse sliding door kits below and see which style suits your greenhouse structure. If you have any questions regarding our single sliding or double sliding doors,  please contact a Rimol Sales Associate.

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