Shipping and Delivery

Your Rimol Shipment: What to Expect

Thank you for your Rimol purchase! Here is what to expect regarding shipping and delivery of your Rimol order:

• Most structure orders ship in 53’ tractor-trailers. Please note upon ordering if you require an alternative delivery method.
• Please remember that no pickup or delivery date can be guaranteed.
• Some items, such as polycarbonate panels, ship directly from our vendors and may arrive at different times.
Customer is expected to unload the truck; it is not the driver’s responsibility.
• Not all trucks come equipped with a lift gate, and the use of one may require an additional delivery charge.
• While not necessary, a tractor with forks is often helpful during unloading, or you may separate the pallet into individual pieces to unload.
• It will be helpful to have several people on site to assist with unloading.
• Prior to unloading, please take pictures of the load on the trailer to verify contents and condition. If there is any damage, note it on the driver’s Bill of Lading, and take a picture of the BOL.
• Send photos of the damaged material and the notated Bill of Lading to within 24 hours.

For More Information

Detailed information on our shipping policies can be found at the link below.

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