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A precise growing environment for Cannabis is what you need to maximize your grow every step of the way. Our Highpoint Matterhorn and Highpoint Nor’Easter is your customizable solution to getting your grow up and running quickly. Our trained sales professionals will work with you on your greenhouse project to make sure our structures meet your building codes and have the necessary heating, ventilation, light deprivation and environmental controls that you need. We can ship much quicker than our competitors, and our installation support is top notch. We pay attention to every single detail and our experience will highly benefit you with your greenhouse project.

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“We really take an environmental stewardship approach to our grow - working to minimize our environmental footprint, maximize our efficiency, and eliminate exterior contamination. Our Rimol Greenhouse allowed us to really control costs and minimize our environmental footprint.” – Ed Alexander, Sol Cannabis

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Hear from Jackson Mcleod, the co-owner and CEO of Atlantic Farms, on why the Rimol Greenhouse High Point structure is the best and most efficient way to grow for ultimate success in the Northeast.

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Rimol has delivered thousands of greenhouse structures to growers nationwide, from Maine to Alaska. Click here to learn more about our featured growers!


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Rimol Greenhouses are designed and manufactured to be, simply put, the most dependable greenhouse structures around.