Installation - Build Your Greenhouse

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Whether through our detailed instruction manuals or our dedicated customer support from our expert team, the Rimol experience doesn't stop after purchase.

Farmer pulling poly over the top of a Rimol greenhouse as part of installation

How can we help?

Check out the links below for assistance with every step of the installation process.

Shipping and delivery

Click here for information on what to expect with the shipping and delivery of your Rimol order, including photos of what the loaded truck will look like. If you have any questions about the shipping and delivery of your products, please call us at (877) 746-6544.

Instruction Manuals

Instruction manuals for all of our structures can be downloaded for free here.

Installation Videos

Want to see how the experts install our greenhouse structures? We have numerous videos on our YouTube channel showing various steps of the greenhouse installation process. If you are building one of our high tunnel structures, check out this series of videos from our partners at the University of New Hampshire showing the process of constructing a Rimol 30' x 96' Nor'Easter greenhouse from start to finish.

Technical questions

Our experienced team of greenhouse technicians are available to assist you every step of the way with the installation process. Please reach us at (877) 746-6544 or email us with any questions.