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An educational greenhouse offers endless opportunities for new learning experiences. With a greenhouse, students can: learn about agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, hydroponics, vermiculture and the cycle of life; conduct experiments and gain hands-on growing experience; cultivate business skills through plant sales — with the added bonus of bringing in money for the school; and enjoy outdoor classroom space and fresh air!

Navigating the process of constructing a new educational greenhouse can be daunting. At Rimol Greenhouses, we have decades of experience working with schoolteachers/administrators, architects, general contractors, engineers and building inspectors with educational greenhouse projects. Our customers include K-12 schools, universities and alternative education institutions across the country.

A Rimol Matterhorn and a lean-to greenhouse used for education at a school

Rimol sales professionals will work with you every step of the of the way from concept to completion to assure you success in your greenhouse project. We offer the Matterhorn greenhouse with many options including the ability to connect to a building, and we offer our free-standing total polycarbonate greenhouse if you are on a tighter budget. Our overall design of our structures is phenomenal and our outstanding reputation and construction knowledge is well known within the greenhouse industry.

Rimol Greenhouse Systems is an awarded contractor with Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA OD-395-23), and we can facilitate a smooth procurement and purchasing process for institutional greenhouses.

Grant opportunities can also help fund your school greenhouse project, such as the USDA Patrick Leahy Farm to School Grant Program, CARES ESSER programs, Department of Education Perkins funds and more. Give us a call to discuss the different opportunities available for financial assistance for your school greenhouse project.

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Institutional Partnerships

Check out some of our Institutional Partnerships, and how we’ve been helping our partners shape the future of greenhouse growing for generations to come!


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