How Off Grid Living is Homesteading in a Rimol Greenhouse

How Off Grid Living is Homesteading in a Rimol Greenhouse

5th Jan 2024

Martin and Julie Johnson were looking for a peaceful life of freedom and independence in the country, where they would be self-sufficient to provide needs like food, water and electricity. In 2019, they relocated their family to a 7-acre piece of raw land in North Idaho to begin their homesteading journey.

They set out on their adventure with little experience, starting in tents. Eventually, they were able to build a completely off-grid cabin from scratch, incorporating a solar power system, off-grid water system, chicken coop and more. They continue to document their homesteading journey on YouTube on their channel, Off Grid Living.

Martin and Julie wanted to set up a high tunnel greenhouse to expand their fruit and vegetable production and ensure a more consistent and reliable year-round fresh food supply. They decided to construct a 30’ x 36’ freestanding Rimol Nor’Easter greenhouse, a popular choice for homesteading due to its durability and longevity. Given the harsh Idaho winters they are up against, the Nor’Easter’s ability to withstand high wind and snow loads made it a natural choice for their property.

“We get a lot of snow up here, and with some greenhouses you have to take the cover off in the winter when you get snow. With a Rimol Greenhouse, we’re looking forward to not having to do that. We’re also looking forward to the extended growing season, where we can plant earlier, harvest later, and hopefully grow some winter crops,” said Martin.

Martin added, “Our greenhouse came with the off-grid package, which includes temperature sensors, humidity sensors, automatic louvers that open and close, and motors – but it’s all off grid, meaning that you don’t have to plug it into anything. You can run it anywhere, and run it all automatically.”

Adding a greenhouse to your homestead can dramatically increase your food production and self-sufficiency through larger harvests and a longer growing season. With payoff possible in less than a year, a greenhouse is one of the best investments you can make on your homestead. Rimol’s homesteader greenhouses come in many different sizes to fit any property and are customizable for your specific growing needs. Taller, 6-foot-high sidewalls provide plenty of growing space and air circulation for all kinds of plants, and the 8mm polycarbonate covering offers a 15-20 year lifespan. Or for smaller homesteads, the Bobcat is an affordable, hoop-style greenhouse that can be a great way to get started with greenhouse growing.

You can follow along with Martin and Julie’s Off Grid homesteading journey on YouTube, including the full build of their Rimol Greenhouse at the links below. Learn more about How a Greenhouse Can Pay Off for Your Homestead, and contact us to discuss your homesteading project with one of our knowledgeable experts. We can partner with you to design the perfect greenhouse for homesteads of any size.

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