How a Greenhouse Can Pay Off for Your Homestead

How a Greenhouse Can Pay Off for Your Homestead

17th Jan 2024

The homesteading movement has been gaining traction in recent years, driven by interest in self-sufficiency, sustainable living and a simpler lifestyle. Today, there are thousands of modern homesteaders in the US with operations of all sizes, who may grow and preserve their own food, rely on renewable and alternative energy sources, and raise livestock.

Every homestead is unique. Many begin their homesteading journey by simply growing fruits and vegetables in their existing homes (or even apartments) and expand to larger operations as their self-sufficiency grows. For homesteaders that are looking to become completely self-reliant for food production, a greenhouse can be a significant opportunity to increase harvests, lengthen the growing season and guard your crops against harsh weather conditions in any climate. With payoff possible in less than a year, a greenhouse is one of the best investments you can make on your homestead.

How to Choose the Right Homesteading Greenhouse

Homesteading operations vary in size, budget, climate, and growing goals. A backyard homestead in Virginia has very different needs than a multiple-acre homestead in Alaska. For homesteaders that are interested in greenhouse growing, is important to choose the greenhouse structure that best meets the unique requirements of your homestead.

Any Rimol Greenhouse structure can be used for homesteading, but the most popular choices are the Bobcat, the RGS High Tunnel, the Homesteader High Tunnel and the Matterhorn.

The Bobcat is affordable greenhouse designed for the small or beginner farmer that works well for homesteaders just getting started with greenhouse growing. This 16-foot-wide, gothic-shaped high tunnel is available in several lengths up to 96 feet, and it offers several options for customization to adapt to your exact growing requirements. It is strong and durable to stand up to any weather conditions, and it is super easy to construct with a simple design and quality components. The Bobcat is a great option for the “backyard” homesteader with limited space.

Bobcat Greenhouse

The RGS High Tunnel is a customizable freestanding greenhouse available in multiple widths and lengths. Perfect for growing fruits and vegetables, this high tunnel can extend your growing season and even allow for year-round growing. The RGS High Tunnel has a low start-up cost and quick ROI, and it has been specifically tailored to meet the qualifications for National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) EQIP Grants. It is a solid choice for any size homestead and can be customized with many options for framing, bracing, ventilation, covering and doors.

RGS High Tunnel

The Homesteader High Tunnel is a 30-foot-wide structure that is available in several lengths up to 96 feet. It is the ultimate high tunnel for durability and longevity, allowing for year-round growing, with or without heat. It offers taller, 6-foot-high side walls that provide plenty of room and air circulation to grow any kind of plant. Its durable steel framework is built to withstand high snow and wind loads, and it is covered in 8mm polycarbonate that offers a 15-20 year lifespan. Rimol’s Homesteader package also comes with:

  • Ventilation that includes an automated ridge vent and automated louvers for both end walls
  • Solar kit with environmental controller allows greenhouse to be completely “off the grid”
  • Spare parts included for replacement of possible parts that may wear out over time

Homesteader High Tunnel Greenhouse

Finally, the Matterhorn is Rimol’s most attractive and rugged traditional style gutter-connected greenhouse. It can withstand extremely heavy snow and wind loads across any climate in North America. It is a great fit for larger growing operations or can even be used for uncommon applications such as storage, chicken or livestock housing, or outdoor living space. Rimol Matterhorn greenhouses are all custom-designed to fit your exact requirements, and stamped engineered plans are included with your purchase to obtain a building permit.

Matterhorn Greenhouse

Use our comparison chart below to decide which Rimol greenhouse structure is right for your homestead, or contact us to discuss the different options. We can be your trusted partner to help you design the perfect greenhouse for your homestead of any size.

Choosing a Greenhouse for your Homestead