Roll-Up Sides

Greenhouse roll-up sides offer growers a chance to utilize automated ventilation and cooling practices, which can be vital to maintaining proper indoor greenhouse conditions. Roll up sides are an ideal option that offers a quick ROI because they operate under your control at all times. Whether it’s manual or automated, everything is in your hands.

Open new horizons with the right greenhouse roll up side hardware. Rimol Greenhouse Systems carries an extensive inventory that includes gearbox kits, roll bar deflectors, hand braces, and swaged tubing, and all hardware is durable and built to last in the harshest of outdoor conditions.  For any other questions, please contact a Rimol Sales Associate.

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  • 24" Hand Crank for gear box operation

    Rimol Greenhouses

    Hand Brace

    $23.00 - $28.00

    Roll your greenhouse curtains up and down by hand using the Hand Brace Crank Handle. For use with the 13:1 and the 7:1 Gear Crank Manual Operators.

  • Roll-up sides gear box for side walls 24' - 60'

    Rimol Greenhouses

    Gear Box (No hardware or guide)

    $125.00 - $180.00

    Gear Crank Manual Gear Box with automatic brake allows you to easily roll up the sides of your greenhouse to help with passive temperature control. With the automatic brake built into the gear box, you can roll the sides up a little or a lot depending on...