30 x 144 Hydroponic Grower Package

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Hydroponics is growing a plant without soil, usually in an inert substance such as rockwool or perlite to hold the roots for water and nutrient absorption. This kit provides everything you need to house your hydroponic grow operation (hydroponic system not included). 

Rimol can design a custom Hydroponic greenhouse package that fits your exact needs and specifications. Please fill out a quote request to receive customized pricing.

Nor'Easter Frame Features

  • 4 ft. bow spacing standard
  • Extended ground posts for 6' side walls
  • Bows are 1.90 in., 13 ga. galvanized steel tubing
  • Truss assembly with every bow resulting in unmatched strength
  • 5 purlins per 30 ft. greenhouse
  • Purlins connect to the bows using a cross connector system which prevents unnecessary drilling into the bow
  • Truss support system for extra strength
  • Wind bracing kits included with all greenhouses
  • Engineering meets International Building Codes (IBC)

Hydroponic Package Features

  • Metal end wall framing kits for both end walls
  • Double inflated poly for the roof
  • 8mm Polycarbonate end wall covering
  • Exhaust fans and motorized shutters for mechanical ventilation
  • Gas heater for propane or natural gas
  • Air circulation fans
  • Two 42" X 7' Single Sliding Doors