Nor'Easter 30 x 72

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The Nor'Easter greenhouse series is the strongest free-standing greenhouse available. The Northeast United States is known for experiencing harsh and unpredictable weather conditions, and as the name suggests, the Nor'Easter greenhouse series will protect your crop from the elements.  

Our sales associates can design a Nor'Easter greenhouse package that fits your exact needs and specifications. Please fill out a quote request to receive customized pricing or to discuss any options not shown here.

  • Available in 30 ft. and 34 ft. widths
  • 4 ft. bow spacing standard
  • Available in 6 ft. bow spacing
  • Bows are 1.90 in., 13 ga. galvanized steel tubing
  • Truss assembly with every bow resulting in unmatched strength
  • 5 purlins per 30 ft. greenhouse and 7 purlins per 34 ft. greenhouse
  • Purlins connect to the bows using a cross connector system which prevents unnecessary drilling into the bow
  • Truss support system allows for additional purlin pipe to be hung for hanging baskets
  • Wind bracing kits included with all greenhouses
  • The height of the greenhouse can be raised with the extended ground posts option
  • Engineering meets International Building Codes (IBC)

The frame includes all of the steel tubing pre-drilled, all hardware and ground post driver. Does not include baseboard or end wall framing materials.

Extended Ground Posts

  • Standard frame comes with 3' ground posts (2' in the ground, 1' out), causing the curvature of the structure to start around 4'.
  • Extended Ground Posts are 6' long (3' in the ground, 3' out), causing the curvature of the structure to start around 6'.  This option adds increased working space along the side walls, increased ventilation when coupled with roll-up sides, and depending on your region, may be necessary for NRCS compliance.

End Wall Framing

  • 2" x 4" Framing Brackets - includes enough brackets and hardware to frame end walls with 2" x 4" wood.  Wood not included.
  • Metal End Wall Framing Kit - includes enough 1.5" square steel, brackets, hardware to frame end walls with 1.5" square steel.

End Wall Covering

  • Woven Poly End Walls - include woven poly panels for a single layer on each end wall and wire lock to fasten poly to end walls.
  • Polycarbonate End Walls - include twin wall clear polycarbonate, all extrusions, hardware and gable wire lock.

Roof Covering

  • Single Poly - includes one layer of poly, and wirelock to attach. 
  • Double Inflated Poly - includes two layers of poly, wire lock for along the sides and an inflation kit.

Roll-Up Sides

  • T-handle - includes roll pipe, hardware and T-handle operators for 2 roll-up sides.
  • Manual Gear Box - includes roll pipe, hardware and Manual Gear Box operators for 2 roll-up sides.
  • Automated - includes environmental controller, roll pipe, hardware, and Low-Voltage Motors for 2 roll-up sides.

Mechanical Ventilation
Mechanical ventilation includes an exhaust fan(s), shutters and necessary thermostats to control all equipment.

Gas Heat
The gas heat option includes a Reznor high efficiency heater, a heater hanger, a vent pipe kit, and all necessary thermostats to control the equipment.

HAF Fans

  • HAF Fans: Adds Horizontal Airflow Fans (HAF) with hangars.
  • HAF Fans and Variable Speed Controller: Adds HAF Fans with hangars and a Variable Speed Controller to adjust the speed of HAF fans.

You can can select a combination of Single Sliding (42" x 7'), Double Sliding (8' x 8'), and Roll-Up Garage (8' x 8') doors.