Eastpoint 18 x 24

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The Eastpoint Series is the best of both worlds, combining strength and versatility at an affordable price, making it a great starter greenhouse. The Eastpoint is perfect for growers that want the durability of a larger free-standing house but are looking for something simple and easy to construct.

  • Base Package
    The grower’s base package includes the framework complete with all pre-drilled steel, hardware and instructions. This package also includes 2” x 4” end wall framing brackets; a double layer of 6 mil, clear, 4 year polyethylene film; polylock for the roof only; and an inflation blower.
  • Polycarbonate End Walls
    Polycarbonate end walls include all 8mm clear polycarbonate warranted for 10 years, all aluminum extrusions and necessary hardware.
  • Mechanical Ventilation
    The mechanical ventilation option includes a 2-speed fan with an automatic belt tightener, 2 motorized shutters and thermostats.
  • Roll-Up Sides
    The roll-up sides option includes roller bars and all necessary hardware for 2 roll-up sides.
  • Gear Box Option for Roll-Up Sides
    This option includes gear box operators and all hardware to facilitate the rolling up and down of the sides.
  • Gas Heat
    The gas heat option includes a Reznor heater, a double-walled vent pipe assembly, and a thermostat. HAF fans are included to assist in hot air movement.