How To Grow Smarter With A Custom Cannabis Greenhouse

How To Grow Smarter With A Custom Cannabis Greenhouse

29th Mar 2022

Thinking about hopping on the cannabis cultivation bandwagon?

As cannabis legalization spreads farther and wider across the country, stepping into cannabis production has never been more popular. But for potential first time growers wondering if getting started is difficult, the answer is yes…and no. 

After plenty of research and the right tools for the job, cannabis production can be a simple process of following a steady, predictable routine. Finding which tools and strategies are the right ones, however—that can be a tricky endeavor. But our cannabis experts at Rimol are here to help. Here’s our advice to cannabis cultivation newcomers.

Work Smarter, Not Harder With Indoor Growing

Growing cannabis outdoors has several advantages—and why wouldn’t it? The great outdoors is where it all started. From a cost-effective and environmentally friendly perspective, it’s easy to see its benefits. There’s no indoor equipment to power when you’re taking advantage of 100% natural resources, meaning a significantly smaller impact on your bottom line and on the environment.

But at the end of the day, hosting your cultivation outdoors also leaves your crop vulnerable to a world of uncontrollable variables. Too much rainfall equals higher chances of bud rot. Excessive heat could dry out your plants completely. Unexpected visitors by large predators could wreak havoc on your crop. In some states, conducting a legal operation might also mean sticking to indoor growing exclusively

There may be nothing like the great outdoors, but we can’t deny that growing cannabis indoors is the easiest way to get what you really need for a successful, high-yield grow: absolute control. The equipment you use to power your custom cannabis greenhouse is an investment to ensure that, leading up to every harvest, your crop is protected and getting the environmental conditions needed to thrive. 

Embrace Changes To Your Indoor Environment

There’s a common misconception that, once you’ve gone through your first phases of environmental testing inside of your greenhouse, that you’re safe to use a “set it and forget it” strategy. You’ve found a combination of environmental factors that are just right—so why shouldn’t it continue to work over time? 

Though indoor environments are obviously not as prone to change as outdoor set-ups, they are not immune to it. What’s working for your buds now might not be as effective further down the road. 

One of our simplest yet best pieces of advice for maintaining a cannabis greenhouse that works and stays working is to be prepared to address those changes. Acknowledge that your greenhouse might have to evolve over time. Always look for opportunities to improve the strategy you started with. 

“A cannabis greenhouse is a controlled environment, but never a perfect environment,” says Rimol Greenhouse Systems founder & owner Bob Rimol. “Expect to make changes and adjustments to your environment after you begin growing. Things change. Heating, cooling and environmental control requires a detailed, well thought-out plan. But be prepared to try new things; there are plenty of ways to get the harvest you’re hoping for.”

Stay In Control By Assessing Your Uncontrollable Variables

Nothing’s worse than walking out to your greenhouse in the winter and finding you’ve lost your plants to a bad snowstorm and a compromised covering. The damage can feel devastating—and like there wasn’t much you could do to stop it. 

In fact, the best protection against extreme weather is to plan for it from the get-go. For the sake of your cannabis crops, severe snowstorms and high-speed winds are not issues you should deal with on a case-by-case basis. Instead, plan for the worst case scenario as it pertains to weather in your region to mitigate the risk of greenhouse damage.

As New Englanders with our fair share of experience with heavy snowfall, we know firsthand how crucial knowing your snow and wind load requirements is for picking a structure suitable to your location (we didn’t name our Nor’Easter High Tunnel for nothing after all). It’s a consideration we stress time and time again and urge new cannabis greenhouse growers not to forget when building their custom set-up.

Consider Security & Your Post-Harvest Plan

When expending time, energy, and resources into curating the perfect plan from seed to plant, it’s easy to forget about another crucial part of the growth process: what happens after harvest. 

How will you be moving your yield out of your greenhouse? How can you make that process as seamless as possible? We recommend planning your greenhouse’s door locations for easy material handling—while still maintaining security. You want an entrance that’s easy to access for you, but not for uninvited guests!

Luckily, blackout end walls, curtains, and doors are multipurpose greenhouse accessories that both provide basic camouflaging for your operation and improve light efficiency. 

Start Your Cannabis Greenhouse Build The Right Way

With the right considerations and a solid plan in place, you can get your custom cannabis greenhouse up, running, and producing great harvests in no time. All it takes is a little forward thinking—and the dedication that comes with taking on a cannabis greenhouse project.

We’d love to help you build a cannabis greenhouse that addresses these important considerations and more. Get in touch to start your greenhouse build on the right track!