How Goody Girl Flower Farm is Extending the Growing Season with a Rimol High Tunnel

How Goody Girl Flower Farm is Extending the Growing Season with a Rimol High Tunnel

22nd Feb 2024

Marina Goody always dreamed of being her own boss. In 2020, that dream became a reality when, after a job loss, she began growing pesticide-free flowers on her property in Pendleton, NY – a horse farm that she and her husband had previously purchased as an investment property.

They remodeled some of the former horse boarding facilities into a teaching studio and workshop, and Goody Girl Flower Farm was born. The land has now been planted with perennials, annual flowers, larger patches of flower fields and dozens of lavender plants of different varieties. Marina hosts a variety of events and workshops on the farm, and also offers space for photographers to come and photograph clients among the property’s beautiful flower fields.

In spring 2023, a business mentor recommended that Marina look into the USDA’s NRCS program, which could provide financial support for her to purchase a high tunnel for the farm. “I had never thought about looking into a grant before,” said Marina. “I thought it might be too difficult, have too many loopholes or take forever, but after learning more I decided to give it a try. I sat down with the conservation department and they helped me through the whole process; it really wasn’t difficult after all.”

After being approved for a high tunnel cost-share contract through the NRCS program, Marina began researching greenhouse companies. “When I found out I was approved, I was super excited. I looked into a few different companies that the conservation department suggested, and my mentor said that she had Rimol high tunnels and loved them, so I took her recommendation.”

Marina decided to purchase a 30’ x 96’ Nor’Easter high tunnel from Rimol Greenhouses, working with sales representative Matt Hand through the whole process. “When you are looking at a whole sheet of paper with information about the greenhouse and you don’t know what it all means, it is so helpful to have someone to answer all your questions,” said Marina. “Matt was so great through the whole process. He went through the quote with me line by line and he was always available to help.”

Marina hopes to use her new Rimol high tunnel for season extension, growing more flowers and plants such as lavender, eucalyptus, herbs and even some tomatoes. “If I am able to start growing more and better flowers in the high tunnel, that could mean a lot for me in terms of extending the season, which would be a really big plus,” said Marina. “I have a lot of plans coming up for the farm, and there’s a lot to learn!”