How Flower Hill Farm is Blooming with a Rimol Greenhouse

How Flower Hill Farm is Blooming with a Rimol Greenhouse

24th Apr 2024

Nicole Pitt always knew that Flower Hill Farm was special. Growing up on the 20-acre property in Boonville, NY, she relished time spent in the rolling hills and wildflowers before her family moved off the land in the mid-90s. In 2018, she bought the land back, along with the house her father had built, and decided that she would fill it with flowers.

Flower Hill Farm has now expanded to offer cut flowers to hundreds of customers a season, including wholesalers and local florists. They are currently growing on about three acres, cultivating a variety of annual flowers for bouquet sales as well as a few established perennials like peonies and hydrangeas.

Nicole also operates the Boon Street Nursery just down the street from the farm, which is where she constructed her Rimol greenhouse. There were four existing greenhouses on the property when she purchased it in 2022, and the fifth, the Rimol, was built in 2023.

“I first heard about Rimol Greenhouses when doing some research about putting up a new structure at our nursery location,” said Nicole. “We decided to go with a Rimol Nor’Easter after it was recommended by a couple of peers in the business.”

Nicole purchased the 30’ x 96’ Nor’Easter greenhouse from Rimol, complete with a heating system and motorized shutters to enable full environmental control year-round. “We plan to grow hundreds of hanging baskets in our new Rimol. We will also be growing patio pots on the ground and several flats of popular annuals like marigolds,” said Nicole.

Nicole’s goal for Flower Hill Farm is to grow and sell all of the plants her community needs each season. “Last year, we ran out of hanging baskets shortly after Mother's Day. Our last frost isn't even until the end of May, so we needed hundreds more!” she shared. “We added the Rimol Greenhouse to our retail location because we simply didn't have the room to grow as much as our community needed. We want to provide all of our plant needs for the community and having this space is going to help us come closer to our goal.”

“The Rimol Greenhouse is dedicated to my grandfather, Gabe Ciotti,” added Nicole. “He was one of my biggest cheerleaders and loved spending time at the farm and then nursery. We unexpectedly lost him last year during the height of the spring season. Gramps had joked the year before about putting up a shack and living in the back of the nursery. That is where we built Grampa's Greenhouse. There is magic in the house. We can feel it.”

Check out a video of Nicole’s Rimol Greenhouse build at the link below. You can also follow along with Flower Hill Farm’s journey on Instagram and YouTube