Greenhouses Aren’t Just for Growing

Greenhouses Aren’t Just for Growing

9th May 2024

How to Use Your Greenhouse to Create New Revenue

Greenhouses have long been used for all kinds of growing applications – from farming fresh vegetables for market , to cultivating beautiful plants and flowers for retail . However, a greenhouse can also be used for applications that go beyond growing . You can make more money for your farm, garden center or growing operation by thinking outside the box about how you use the space inside your greenhouse structure. With interest in agritourism on the rise, a greenhouse can attract customers to your farm or garden center all throughout the year.

If you are considering investing in a greenhouse, here are just a few creative ways that you can use the structure as more than a grow house – either during the off season, or year-round. Make your investment work for you!

Weddings and Events

Every year, millions of couples across the U.S. begin the search for a perfect venue to exchange vows, and a beautiful greenhouse may be just what they are looking for. A greenhouse can provide all the natural beauty of an outdoor event space with the benefit of being available rain or shine. This means your greenhouse can also be a great option to host bridal or baby showers, private dinner parties or other events.

There is no one size fits all approach for using your greenhouse for weddings or other events. Tailor your offerings to fit your space, seasonal availability, growing plans, surrounding area, and level of comfort or interest in different types of events.

For example, you can keep the greenhouse filled with vibrant flowers and plants and use it for engagement or wedding photo shoots. Or, clear out and decorate the structure to host small gatherings inside. You can choose to only use your greenhouse for events during the off-season, or set up the structure as a full-time, permanent event space. The possibilities are endless!

Classes and Workshops

Engage with your customers and members of your community by hosting classes and workshops in your greenhouse structure. For example, garden centers could host workshops on flower arranging and floral design, plant care, gardening tips and more. If you are using your greenhouse to grow fruits and vegetables, invite your customers to come onsite to the greenhouse for a farm day to learn about the growing process. Or, simply clear enough space in your structure to host other types of classes such as yoga, meditation, or painting!

Farmstand or Craft Market

If you are not using your greenhouse for year-round growing, you could house a farmstand or small market inside the greenhouse during the off-season. Set up a space to sell stores of your fruits and vegetables that were grown earlier in the year, or sell products such as fresh breads and baked goods, jams and jellies, dried herbs or honey. If you have friends and neighbors that sell handmade goods, you could also set up a craft market in your greenhouse for homemade soaps and lotions, knitted and quilted goods, artwork, jewelry and other homemade craft items. A greenhouse can serve as a warm and inviting environment for a winter farm stand or craft market, offering an opportunity to make your space work for you year-round.

These are just a few ideas for how to use your greenhouse for more than just growing. All of our greenhouse structures can be customized for whatever applications you have in mind – common or not-so-common. Contact us to discuss your idea for making your greenhouse investment work for you!