iGrow 800

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In order to reduce installation costs and facilitate easier installations, Link4 has introduced a line of Integrated Contactor Panels for our new 100 Series Environmental Controllers With Integrated Contactor Relay Panels you will receive a UL & cUL approved contactor panel with a 100 Series Environmental Controller, conveniently pre-mounted on the door for ease of installation. There’s no need to mount two separate boxes with conduits in-between.

5 Reasons to Choose Integrated Panels

  • 1. Pre-mounted with Link4’s NEW 100 Series Controller
  • 2. Pre-wired to eliminate wiring errors in the field
  • 3. Pre-tested for quality and reliability
  • 4. All-in-one solution is ready to work out of the box
  • 5. Reduced Labor Costs and Reduced Installation time will Save You Money

iGrow Key Benefits

Easy Transition from Outdated Thermostats & Early Controllers

  • Ideal for small or medium retrofits/new installations
  • Can link multiple greenhouses
  • Track Energy Use and Adjust to Save Money
  • iGrow 400/800 monitors energy use for each piece of equipment so you can adjust energy use or improve the greenhouse climate.

Get Advanced Control at an Affordable Price

  • No other control system offers these advanced features at similar affordable price.
  • Easy to Operate and Modify Controls
  • iGrow 400/800 uses a simple touch interface and makes control changes easily, without hard wiring.

Get Instant Access to Controls — Remotely

  • Download data with a just a USB stick, or easily access controls and make changes from any computer or cell phone from any distance.

Day & Night System Control

  • All day and night equipment operating set-points are monitored — even if workers use manual override — so you always know when equipment is running.
  • Panel Key Benefits

    UL Approved Panel

  • The fully UL approved panel satisfies most local electrical inspection requirements for high voltage panels.
  • Pre-mounted

    • To ensure that our panel retains the coveted UL approval and to keep installation costs to a minimum, the Link4 iGrow Integrated comes pre-mounted with an iGrow 100 Series Environmental Controller.


    • We make the wiring connections for you in the factory so the iGrow Integrated contactor relay panel works right out of the box.


    • Each iGrow Integrated is thoroughly tested in-house to ensure quality and reliability.