Greenhouse for Cannabis Production 30 x 96

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At Rimol Greenhouses, we know cannabis growing. We have both free-standing & gutter connected greenhouses. We will design your growing facility to meet your exact needs. Critical to growing is having exact environmental control. RGS focuses on heating, cooling, CO 2, air circulation, black-out systems, environmental controls, lighting and coverings to provide the ultimate quality greenhouse for your growing environment.


These are some of our most popular free-standing greenhouse packages. These greenhouses can easily be modified to meet higher snow or wind loads for your area, and include the following;


Included in the Complete Package:

  • Stamped engineering plans for your building permit
  • Structure designs are built to meet your local building codes
  • Higher side walls, about 6 ft. before the curve on the greenhouse begins
  • Rigid steel-framed end walls
  • Insulated strong polycarbonate for the end walls with blackout
  • Two lockable special blackout doors
  • Double-poly supplied for the roof with all wire lock and accessories and anti-drip feature
  • High efficiency gas fired (propane or natural gas) heaters
  • Heater hanger and vent pipe assembly
  • Internal air circulation fans
  • Automated external blackout system, includes: All components to black-out end walls Fans & shutters with light traps and Automated blackout curtain
  • iGrow Panel Environmental Control System with integrated mobile app
  • CO2 generator with a control package

With Evaporation Cooling:

  • Includes everything in the Complete Package as well as mechanical ventilation with an evaporative cooling system (wet wall)