How to Save on Your Fuel Bill

How to Save on Your Fuel Bill

Save hundreds on your fuel bill while improving efficiency

As energy prices continue to increase, many greenhouse owners are looking for alternative ways to heat their greenhouses for a lower cost. By making just a few changes in your greenhouse system, you can save hundreds on your fuel bill while improving the efficiency of your growing environment.

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Upgrade your environmental controls

Even if you are small grower, you can upgrade your environmental controls very easily and inexpensively. With environmental controls, you can optimize your fuel use through more accurate temperature readings and the ability to set day and night temperatures. There are many different systems available, so you do not need to be a computer genius to operate your environmental controls.

Use IR greenhouse film

Using IR (infrared) greenhouse film on the inner layer will help keep heat inside the greenhouse, and the energy savings will quickly pay back the added cost of the film. The film also contains an anti-condensate additive that will improve drip control in the colder months when condensation builds up on the poly overnight.

Insulate with an energy curtain

Think about investing in an energy curtain for shade in the summer and heat retention in the winter when you construct your new Matterhorn greenhouse.  In just two years, you will be able to pay off your investment with the savings from your fuel bill.  Shade netting is a great solution for passive cooling of your freestanding structures as well.

Install a Hydronic heating system

There is a wide array of hot water heating products that can reduce heating costs and help you grow a better plant.  Put the heat where it belongs with a hydronic heating system.

Use more fuel efficient unit heaters

Today, high-efficiency gas heaters have improved tremendously from where they used to be. There are power-vented gas unit heaters and separated combustion heaters that can perform much more efficiently than older gas heaters.

Use Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation with roof vents, side vents, or roll-up sides will save you money in electricity.  Roll-up sides and roof vents can be automated with low-voltage motors which can even be powered by solar kits, reducing the energy used to keep your greenhouse cool.

Install Wire Lock and inflate your poly

A well-sealed greenhouse with proper inflation between layers of poly can reduce drafts and increase insulation, lowering your energy bill. Check your blowers and wire lock to see how they are performing. For more information on wire locks, visit our store.

Install polycarbonate end walls

Adding polycarbonate to end walls will improve insulation at the ends of the greenhouse. Polycarbonate ends are more efficient than wood or poly ends and require no maintenance.

Use HAF fans

Horizontal air circulation disperses heat more evenly throughout the greenhouse while also improving the growing environment. Find HAF Fans in our store.

Get an energy rebate

Go online and see what programs your state has to offer for energy efficiency.