How to Plan for a School Greenhouse

How to Plan for a School Greenhouse

Upgrade your agricultural or horticulture education program

A Rimol Greenhouse is an excellent way to upgrade or augment your agricultural or horticulture program. Our structures will provide your program years of reliable service. In order to ensure that you receive exactly what you need for your program, use the following guide to help plan your greenhouse project.

What is your budget?

Do you need approval from State Ed and/or local building authorities? If these approvals are necessary, before quoting we will need to know the requirements for the State Ed and/or building department are. Our structures can meet the following:

  • Ground snow load
  • Wind load
  • These code requirements are necessary in order to provide a stamped engineered drawing for your submission to the state and/or local authorities for a building permit, if required.
  • If State Ed approval and/or a building permit are not required, we can quote any of our structures to meet your needs.

What size greenhouse do you need?

  • Standard sizes are 20′, 24′ and 30′ wide bays, with lengths 24′ or longer in 12′ increments.
  • Our Matterhorn greenhouse is the most popular structure for schools and can easily meet or exceed most building code requirements.
  • Sketch a floor plan on graph paper and include the following if needed:
  • Bench size and layout
  • Aisle width – handicap accessible?
  • Work area – for how many?
  • Sink and storage?

What else will have to come out of the budget?

  • Construction cost – builder?
  • Water, gas, and electric?
  • Site preparation – excavating, stone, and concrete?
  • If State Ed is involved, an architect is often used to prepare the package for approval.
  • If the structure is going to be connected to the school, an engineer or architect is required.

Do you have any further questions or concerns?

Call (877) 746-6544 to discuss the project with the regional sales representative for your area. We can answer any questions you may have and make sure that you are getting the right structure in order to avoid surprises in the end.