Rimol Donates Greenhouse to Enrich Farming Program at the UVM

HOOKSETT, NH (Oct. 30, 2012) – Bob Rimol, Founder and President of Hooksett-based Rimol Greenhouse Systems, recently donated a high tunnel greenhouse to his Alma Mater, the University of Vermont (UVM) located in Burlington, Vermont.

A 1985 UVM Graduate, Rimol is proud to support the research and educational efforts conducted by the Horticultural Research Center, a division of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. “I’m very excited my Alma Mater will be using one of our greenhouses” said Rimol. “It’s ideal for the academic applications and supports student research initiatives as well.” This high tunnel technology greenhouse will debut to students participating in the school’s Farmer Training Program that occurs every spring and summer. This intensive 6-week certificate program is designed for aspiring farmers and food systems advocates to provide a hands-on, skill-based education in sustainable agriculture. In this program, students focus on all aspects of farm management including planting, nutrition, pest control, harvesting and marketing.

To select the appropriate greenhouse for the training program, Rimol collaborated with the school’s Greenhouse Facilities Director, Colleen Armstrong. Together, they determined that the 30’ x 72’ greenhouse was a natural fit for educational institutions like UVM.

Armstrong explains, “This greenhouse will be a key component in our Farmer Training Program. It was selected for its peaked roof; its ability to adapt to various environmental conditions and its maximized air flow.” She adds, “Another advantage is the width of this greenhouse which allows us to enhance our Farmer Training Program and conduct experimental growing.”

Presented to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences earlier this month, the school’s Dean, Thomas Vogelmann is pleased the new greenhouse comes to the college at the perfect time. He explains, “Our partnership with Rimol Greenhouse Systems will help us accomplish our goal to become a leading university in the study of food systems and sustainable agriculture.”

Bob Rimol is confident that the new high tunnel greenhouse will be a valuable tool to help students understand the principles of greenhouse growing while expanding the opportunities for horticultural research. He also anticipates this partnership will prove to be beneficial for his company as well. Rimol elaborates, “The research and development that comes from the students’ efforts over the next several years will be valuable to our company’s growth. We look forward to on-going feedback from Colleen, her team and participating students so we may continue to develop our product line with an eye on the industry’s future.”



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