Financing Solutions

An Easier Way To Get Growing

Don’t let your budget hold back your greenhouse plans. With our new Leasing and Rental Finance Options, you can acquire the equipment you need and get growing for just a small monthly payment, rather than a traditional capital outlay.

Why Lease Your Rimol Greenhouse?

Investing needed capital in equipment purchases can make it difficult to anticipate unpredictable or even planned expenses. By financing your greenhouse equipment, you make it much simpler to follow predictable, short-term costs by spreading out costs over several months or years. Plus, with easy options to extend your lease or purchase your equipment, you can make adjustments to your setup seamlessly.

End-of-Lease Options

1. Return

Not 100% satisfied with your leased equipment? Simply return it when your lease is done and trade up for something bigger, better, or more well-suited to your grow.

2. Purchase

No need to part ways with your greenhouse just because your lease is up. You can apply up to 70% of your lease payments toward the purchase of your equipment at any time.

3. Continue Leasing

Need to keep your greenhouse for another season? You can renew and continue your lease at the same rate whenever you need.

Tax Benefits

Customers who lease or purchase their greenhouse equipment with a $1.00 purchase loan may be uniquely eligible for impressive tax incentives under IRS tax code Section 179 - giving you access to upgraded tools to better compete in a crowded market space.

Section 179 Info

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We’ve made it easy for our growers to get started with their perfect greenhouse system.