Wadsworth Control Systems - Step Up Controller

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The STEP Up environmental control system uses three setpoint periods to monitor the heating and cooling of your greenhouse. With a simple system of knobs and buttons, this control is easy to use and provides a way for you to control your greenhouse environment more efficiently.

  • 6 Stages

    2 stages of heating

    4 stages of cooling

    Easy to adjust the temperature between stages

    2 incremental outputs modulate vents, side roll-p or curtains

    Easy adjustment of temperatures between stages

  • 3 Set Point Periods

    Day/Night/DIF set points

    Ramping controls the rate of change between periods

    Periods can be set based on clock time or sunrise and sunset

    Tracks grow weeks

  • Modulating Output

    0-10 volts or 4-20 milliamps controls heat valves or variable speed fans

  • Cycle timer
  • Password protected
  • Manual Override

    Timed override buttons on the STEP Up control allow equipment to be forced on or off for a specific duration

    Red LED lights indicate active stages

    Manual override toggle switches are on the contractor panel.

  • Logs and graphs data

    Average, high and low temperature for each set point time period

    Average temperature in 15 minute increments

    Data is stored on the STEP Up for 7 days and can be viewed in logs or graph

    STEPsaver software connects your STEP Up to a PC advanced data logging and graphing

  • Setting are stored in memory in the event of a power failure
  • Alarm notification with optional Alarm Manager
  • Help button

    Provides additional information

  • Ability to return to factory settings
  • STEP Up control includes

    An aspirated temperature sensor and 100' of cable

    Optional RH sensor-connector cable to wire the STEP Up control to the contractor panel