AegisTEC Greenhouse Controller

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The AegisTEC lets you understand your temperature and humidity control via a touchscreen that explains each function. Save on energy with an emphasis on natural ventilation that eliminates external vent motor boxes. Protect your crop and structure by adding only the weather sensor(s) you need. Designed for the single zone with up to 3 24-volt vent motors. Easily expand by adding contactor boxes or controller interface units. For customization options, please contact a Rimol Sales Associate.


  • Built in 24-volt DC outputs for ventilation motors
  • Single-zone control
  • DIF and Light Deprivation functional
  • Ideal for 2 sidewall curtain and roof vent layout
  • Expands to mechanical cooling and lighting control
  • Add wind, rain, and humidity sensors
  • Ventilation override for external Light Dep system
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Easy to install, set up, maintain and afford