Growing Vegetables

vegetables growing in a greenhouse

Our greenhouse systems make an ideal space for individuals to grow vegetables for their own personal consumption or to sell at local farmer’s markets. For these growers, a greenhouse can extend the growing season by helping to protect plants from harsh weather conditions, freezing temperatures, or insects. By providing growers with a completely controllable environment, vegetable greenhouses can even produce crops year-round, which can greatly increase profit and sales for the grower.

A Rolling Thunder greenhouse structure is an advanced mobile high tunnel system, which uses a set of wheels to move around and facilitate increased crop production. However, any type of growing greenhouse can be fitted for vegetable growing applications and can provide major benefits for all kinds of growers, including those growing for personal use and for small-scale farmer’s markets.



At Rimol, we offer a variety of different styles and sizes of greenhouse structures to meet the needs of each and every grower.