Commercial Growing

the outside of a greenhouse with a blue sky background

Farmers looking to sell their crops at a local farmer’s market, as well as larger producers of fruits and vegetables planning to sell wholesale, need a large, controlled environment for growing. This helps to ensure consistency and guard against the whims of the weather, regardless of the season. By providing growers with a completely controllable environment, crops can even be produced in a greenhouse year round, which will greatly increase profit and sales.

A Rolling Thunder greenhouse structure is an advanced high tunnel system that is mobile through using a set of wheels for increased crop production. However, any type of growing greenhouse can be fitted for farming applications and can provide major benefits for all kinds of growers, including those growing for personal use, for small scale farmer’s markets, or as wholesale food retailers.



Planning your grow in a Rimol greenhouse allows you to take control of your growing environment, providing the ideal climate for your plants to take off.