Cannabis Production

Cannabis growing inside a greenhouse

For the modern cannabis grower, exact environmental controls are absolutely critical for ensuring a healthy, robust, and reliable harvest. This means keeping control over factors like heat, humidity, CO2 levels, and light, all of which can greatly affect your cannabis crop - and with the right tools, you can make sure your growing environment is perfect for your plants.

That’s why we design our Cannabis Greenhouse systems to meet the demands of the industry, helping you control heating, cooling, CO2, air circulation, and lighting at all times. Plus, we’ve partnered with iGrow to make all of these systems are easy to control, you can keep close watch on your greenhouse right from your mobile phone.

At Rimol Greenhouses, we know how cannabis is grown because we’ve worked with cannabis growers throughout the industry for years. Get in touch and we’ll help you set up the perfect freestanding or gutter connect style greenhouse to get your cannabis crop growing like never before.



Rimol Greenhouses are designed and manufactured to be, simply put, the most dependable greenhouse structures around.