Paul Maxwell

Western Sales Manager

Meet Paul

Born a Salt Lake City native, Paul Maxwell has always called the West home.

Having graduated with a degree in geological engineering from the University of Utah and taking an early job working as a wholesale nursery supplier in Southern California and Utah, Paul quickly put his skills as a social navigator and agricultural enthusiast toward advancing the best solutions for local growers and producers to improve their capabilities.

Paul has worked with a variety of growers, including those specializing in products stretching from high-end botanicals to consumer-ready vegetables destined for large grocery stores. He has worked extensively with producers to bring the best possible resources to those looking to succeed in agriculture West of the Rocky Mountains.

With such varied experience, Paul comes to the greenhouse industry with a perspective unique to most of our representatives. He feels he truly knows how to connect with the grower and producer on-the-ground, and that helps him shape the way he does business to a more personal scale.

“I love the industry, and I’ve always had a knack for gardening as long as I can remember,” said Paul, as he prepares to shift his focus exclusively to greenhouses in his familiar west-of-the-Rockies territory. “The best things to me are talking to people and getting to know those individuals - especially when it comes to helping them find the right tools to succeed.”

Paul found Rimol through his connections to the industry, and eventually met with owner and founder Bob Rimol. After learning how much Rimol is dedicated to individual growers, and how the company helps producers big and small increase their production capabilities, Paul saw himself stepping into a role with Rimol to help the company grow into the West coast, and to help growers reach their full potential as well.

Now, as Rimol’s Western Sales Manager, Paul will drive Rimol’s operations on the West coast for growers in CA, WA, MT, UT, AZ, OR, NM, NV, and CO.

When not out working with local growers or making connections in the industry, Paul can be found at his home in Northern Utah with his family, traveling across the West in search of new vistas, or zipping along on his beloved mountain bike through slopes like those in the famous Zion national park.