Mike Bisogno

Sales Manager, Northern New England

Meet Mike

Mike joined Rimol Greenhouse Systems in 2018. He will be the Northern New England sales manager, and will focus his time on the dedicated growers of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

He graduated the University of Vermont in 2008, with a major in Environmental Studies. Since then, Mike has worked in various aspects of the agricultural sector, and has extensive “in the field” experience. The breadth of his experience is in organic vegetable production, but he also has experience with animals, flowers, and herbs. In his previous two roles, Mike was a farm manager helping to increase farm sales, and grow the businesses.

Mike is excited to join Rimol Greenhouse Systems, and to get the opportunity to work with commercial growers in the region. Although this position will ultimately be a change of pace, he believes that his intimate knowledge of farms, and their complex systems will help him succeed in this new role.

In his free time, Mike enjoys all things outside. He has a large garden, and can often be found there early in the morning, and most evenings. He enjoys exploring the rugged Vermont landscape both on bike and through hiking. As an Italian, Mike lives to eat, and has subsequently tailored his entire life so that it revolves around food. Whether he shows it or not, he is constantly thinking of his next meal!