Heating, Horizontal Air-Flow fans & Thermostats

Reliable greenhouse heating is a must-have for growers looking to extend their growing seasons, especially in cooler climates. Rimol Greenhouse Systems offers a wide ranging inventory of greenhouse heaters to make sure you can maintain an optimal greenhouse temperature regardless of season. Whether you need vent pipe kits, heater hangers or thermostats, we have everything you need to get your gas-fired heaters up and running.

Greenhouse heating systems can extend the quality of life for your plants and help your greenhouse ROI immensely. Give Rimol Greenhouses a call at (877) 746-6544 to explore your greenhouse temperature control options today.

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    Rimol Greenhouses

    Vent Pipe Kits

    All UDAP Series vent pipe is double walled galvanized steel. Each kit includes:(1) 4’ section of "B" vent(1) Wall thimble(1) Cap(1) Draft hood adapter

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    Reznor UDAP Heater

    Reznor V3 Series Model UDAP high efficiency greenhouse heaters are excellent for greenhouse heating applications. These gas-fired unit heaters are power vented in order to eliminate heat losses up the flue pipe. Power vented models have a higher initial...

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    HAF Fan

    $182.00 - $210.00

    HAF fans make greenhouse heating and cooling more effective by evening out temperatures throughout the structure. This is done through gentle but high volume air circulation, which eliminates hot and cold spots. The objective is a smooth, flowing mass of...

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    Rimol Greenhouses

    Heater Hanger Kits

    Functional and energy efficientPolycarbonateBrush molding seals out drafts and air leaks

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    Delta Tube SD

    This system provides the best growing environment for propagators, plug producers and general growing. This system has proven to grow healthier, more uniform plants and lead to savings of over 20% on fuel bills, making it a favorite among growers. The...

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    Delta Tube LD

    The Delta Tube large diameter EPDM rubber tube in-ground heating system is ideal for larger ranges. The system excels in the nursery industry and is economical for starter houses because it can save 20% or more on fuel costs versus conventional forced...

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    Delta Tube HD

    The Delta Tube HD is a high density polyethylene floor heating system that is an excellent choice for heating warehouses, retail areas, potting areas and greenhouses. It installs easily, and because the tubing is installed directly into the concrete...

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    Delta Fin TF

    Delta Fin TF comes in two sizes; Delta Fin TF1 with 3/8in integral fins on the top and bottom, and the Delta Fin TF2 with 1.0in fins. The Delta Fin provides the necessary heat with very low water volume, resulting in high efficiency and a quick response...

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    Delta Fin SF

    Delta Fin SF125 and SF200 multi fin is the right choice for uniform convection heating. This system can either be used for heating the greenhouse from the perimeter or can run under the gutter for snow melting. Constructed of aluminum, it dissipates heat...

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    Rimol Greenhouses

    Single-Stage Thermostat


    The Single Stage Thermostat is a weatherproof line voltage thermostat that can be used in many outdoor industrial locations such as garages, greenhouses, barns, warehouses, and more. Useful in both heating and cooling this thermostat has a NEMA 4X...

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