Heating & Cooling

Whether you operate a retail greenhouse or a research greenhouse, maintaining proper heating and cooling levels is critical for the health of your plants. A greenhouse temperature control system provides reliable heating and cooling options to ensure your greenhouse consistently operates at an optimum level. Outdoor seasons change - especially if you’re a four-season grower - but dictating the temperature inside your greenhouse is something anyone can control.

Rimol Greenhouse Systems offers devices for heating, cooling and ventilation, components for roll-up sides, and environmental controls for maximum mastery over your greenhouse’s indoor temperature. Give Rimol Greenhouses a call at (877) 746-6544 if you’re interested in our greenhouse temperature control systems, and be sure to check out our online catalog for a closer look!

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    Link 4

    iGrow 800

    In order to reduce installation costs and facilitate easier installations, Link4 has introduced a line of Integrated Contactor Panels for our new 100 Series Environmental Controllers With Integrated Contactor Relay Panels you will receive a UL & cUL...

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    Link 4

    iGrow 1400

    Today's environmental controllers make saving energy costs easy and affordable! If you thought they were too difficult to use, too expensive to install, or too complicated to operate, think again. The DIF feature allows you to grow denser, high...

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    Rimol Greenhouses

    Heater Hanger Kits

    Functional and energy efficientPolycarbonateBrush molding seals out drafts and air leaks

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    Rimol Greenhouses

    Galvanized Angle Wall Fan

    The six-bladed propeller with a high efficiency design produces more CFM/WATT at lower RPM, which saves on your electric bill. The automatic belt tightener eliminates belt tension problems and one maintenance operation, and the fan stays super quiet...

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    Fan Motor Replacement

    AC13431048 - 1/3 hp single speed motor for Coolair fan (115/230v)-$225AC13432456 - 1/3 hp two speed motor for Coolair fan (115v)-$325AC13433656 - 1/2 hp single speed motor for Coolair fan (115/230v)-$247AC13432556 - 1/2 hp two speed motor for Coolair fan...

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    Delta Tube LD

    The Delta Tube large diameter EPDM rubber tube in-ground heating system is ideal for larger ranges. The system excels in the nursery industry and is economical for starter houses because it can save 20% or more on fuel costs versus conventional forced...

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    Delta Tube HD

    The Delta Tube HD is a high density polyethylene floor heating system that is an excellent choice for heating warehouses, retail areas, potting areas and greenhouses. It installs easily, and because the tubing is installed directly into the concrete...

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    Delta Fin TF

    Delta Fin TF comes in two sizes; Delta Fin TF1 with 3/8in integral fins on the top and bottom, and the Delta Fin TF2 with 1.0in fins. The Delta Fin provides the necessary heat with very low water volume, resulting in high efficiency and a quick response...

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    Delta Fin SF

    Delta Fin SF125 and SF200 multi fin is the right choice for uniform convection heating. This system can either be used for heating the greenhouse from the perimeter or can run under the gutter for snow melting. Constructed of aluminum, it dissipates heat...

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    Rimol Greenhouses

    Swaged Tubing


    Swaged tubing is used for the roller bar. Connect each pipe with swaged end into non-swaged end with 2 tek screws or with bolt and nut. Tubing is 1.315", 17 ga. x 21'.

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    Rimol Greenhouses

    Rope Hook


    Used at top of roll-up sides to hold rope.

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